How to Wash Mattress Pad

Having quality sleep borders on how clean your bedding is. When they are not taken care of in the right way, your sleep will be disturbed. How to wash a mattress pad is a topic that demands our attention.

You may be asking where this is heading by now because you wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly. Well, if you continue reading, you will see how to wash your mattress pads. When was the last time your mattress pads had a touch of water and detergent?

how to wash mattress pad
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Now you get where we are driving at. The mattress pads are materials that cover our foam or mattress. They help to prevent our mattress from spills, dust mites, bedbugs, heat, dead skin, and other microbes. The mattress pads also give an extra layer of comfort when the bed is thin or hard

We tend to forget the mattress pads but concentrate on the sheets and pillowcases. The mattress pads are made with various materials such as egg crates, vinyl, cotton, foam, down etc.

 How Often Do You Need To Wash The Mattress Pads?

The mattress pads are to be washed within the interval of two-three months. Usage should be top on the list when deciding how often it is washed. They are not like the sheets that are washed regularly.

Adhering strictly to the instructions that come with the mattress pads will help a lot. A washing machine can be used, combining cool or warm water with a detergent that is not harsh.

You can dry using the least temperature of the washing machine. Dryer balls made of rubber or a handful of tennis balls can be used to increase the lightness of the pad. You can air dry where drying with the machine is not stipulated.

How Do You Wash The Different Types Of Mattress Pads?

Since there are various kinds of mattress pads, there are also different ways to wash them.  We will discuss each type and exhaust each of the steps before taking another. This makes it easier for us to take care of the type we have as we follow the steps discussed below.

How to Wash a Foam Mattress Pad

To wash a foam mattress pad, follow these instructions:

1. The manufacturer’s instruction should be followed. This is because of the delicate nature of the foam pads. Tearing and melting is very easy if they are not handled correctly.

2. Never expose them to high temperature.

3. Spot cleaning works perfectly for mattress pads made with foam

Steps to Help You Spot Clean

1. Start by vacuuming the two sides

2. Use cleaning solutions that are enzyme-based examples; lemon juice, prepared white vinegar, etc.

3. Begin by pouring a cleaning solution directly on the outer part of the stain.  Work in a circular motion until you get to the center.

4. The stain removal solution used should be allowed to stand on top of the stain about fifteen-twenty minutes.

5. You can now rinse out by putting a clean cloth in some cold water and soaking the excess water.

How To Wash An Egg Crate Mattress Pad

To wash an egg crate mattress pad, follow the steps below:

1. Start by vacuuming the two sides to remove unwanted materials and other dirt.

2. Use a washing machine if stated in the manufacturer’s care label.

3. Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle using a small amount of mild detergent.

4. Spot clean using distilled white vinegar and lemon juice.

5. Allow to dry completely before you fold because if it does not dry then it will smell and molds may form on them.

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How to Wash Vinyl- Backed Mattress Pad

To wash a vinyl-backed mattress pad, follow these guidelines:

1. The instructions included on the manufacturer’s label should be followed.

2. Machine wash using warm or cold water set on a gentle cycle.  

3. Use mild detergent.

4. Bleach shouldn’t be used.

5. Mix the water and detergent properly before putting the pad.

6. Set to low heat where machine drying is stipulated.

7. Drop some dryer balls or small tennis balls as this helps the mattress pad to dry on all sides.

8. When air drying, spread the washed pad outside on a clothesline.

9. Drape the mattress pad on top of the line with the vinyl side facing up if clothespins or pegs are not available.

10. Ensure the washed pad is dry before taking it in; you don’t want the mattress smelling after the long hours you spent washing it.

How To Wash A Down Mattress Pad

To wash a down mattress pad, follow these instructions:

1. Study the manufacturers cleaning procedure for cleaning the pad.

2. Use a washer that has a front-loader since it is designed to take care of large loads when machine wash can apply.

3. Fix any reaped seam before washing. Closely examine all the edges and corners of this pad for any seam that has reaped open. This helps to relieve you of extra work when everywhere is littered with feathers. 

4. Spot clean at this point by focusing on the stains.

5. Now allow to dry set on the least heat. High temperature is not advised.

6. Toss in a few dryer balls made of rubber, wool, or small tennis balls to increase the lightness of the feathers.

7. Be sure that the mattress pads dry thoroughly to avoid odor or mildew.

How To  Wash  A  Cotton Mattress Pad

To wash a cotton mattress pad, follow the simple steps below:

1. Follow the instructions on the care label.

2. Use a mild detergent.

3. Place the machine on warm or cool when washing.

4. Tumble dry on the least temperature as specified in the care label.

5. Use rubber tennis balls, wool or dryer balls made of rubber to make the pads light.

6. Air dry when machine drying is not stipulated.

What Do You Need to Wash Your Mattress Pad?

To wash the mattress pads we need the following:

  • Cleaning solution// Stain remover
  • Cool or warm water.
  • Spray bottle
  • Cleaning cloths.
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Water hose.
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How Do You Vacuum Your Mattress Pads?

To vacuum a mattress pad, start by vacuuming the topper on the two sides. A strong handheld vacuum that has a brush attachment should be used. A standard vacuum upholstery brush tool can be used in place of the handheld vacuum.  

As you vacuum, work in a circular motion to make the dust mites, dead skin, and dust to leave the surface.  Make sure you reach all the holes to free all the dirt.

When vacuuming your mattress pad, it would be perfect if you put it on the floor.  Also, use a sheet as a base for the floor.

How Do You Remove Odor from Mattress Pad?

To remove odor from your mattress pad just sprinkle the pad with baking soda and allow it to stay for at least 8 hours or overnight. Boom! The odor is all gone.  Ensure you vacuum the excess powder.

When you have toddlers in the house, you should be greatly worried about this part. Your toddlers can spill, pee, and rub oil stains on the mattress pads. The solution has been proffered here.

How Do You Treat Stains On Mattress Pad?

For stains, spot clean works wonders. You can use a solution of laundry borax and water. Be sure to follow the package directions.

Hydrogen peroxide works for bloodstains. Wherever you go through the stain removal process, allow the topper to air dry. It will take a minimum of twenty-four hours before you can use it again.

You can allow it to dry for a longer time if the stain is much.

Video Title; Mattress Pads

This video explains how to remove stains from your mattress pads.

Tips and ideas!

You don’t have to forget these ideas surmised below to help you as you clean your mattress pads.

1.       Never use bleach when washing mattress pads.  Bleach can destroy the materials of the pad. One example is the vinyl-backed pad.

2.       Remember to wash your mattress pad every three-four months. People with allergies or pet owners should ensure to wash more often, give or take one-month interval.

3.        Do not use fabric softener on the mattress pad. The materials can be destroyed by the chemicals found in the softener. The vinyl-backed mattress pad stands to be destroyed if such happens.

4.       After washing your mattress pad, air dry for as long as possible until it is completely dry. You don’t want a strong odor and mildew on the mattress pad.

It has been a long ride with you talking about the mattress pad and how to wash it. We hope the ideas put down here would go a long way in helping you stick to the house-keeping rules.

If you do so, be sure to have your quality sleep back and at top gear.


Washing your mattress pad is made easier with all that have been discussed in this article. For the different types of mattress pads, ensure you follow strictly the way to wash each for proper maintenance and better outlook. Keep your mattress pads in good condition by spot cleaning when necessary and following the extra tips provided, this will greatly add value to you homemaking skills.

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How To Wash Mattress Pads — Related FAQs

Should You Wash a New Mattress Pad Before Putting it on Your Bed?

A new mattress pad should be washed before putting it on your mattress. The manufacturers of the mattress pad starched it for a quick cutting while making it. When you wash the new mattress pad, the starch will be removed, thereby making it ready to be used.

Anytime you handle the mattress pad, ensure you adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s care label. You do not want to end up destroying your fabric by not sticking to the instructions on the care label.

What Causes Yellow Stains on the Mattress? 

Yellow stains on the mattress can be caused by sweat which has lasted on it. This stain can produce an unpleasant smell in the bedroom. Sometimes, yellow stains arise from bedwetting accidents which are common with families that have multiple children.

Other factors that can bring about yellow stains are spills, drool, and vomit. When yellow stains appear on the mattress, attention should be given to it as soon as possible so that it does not become difficult to clean.

How Do You Remove Yellow Stains on the Mattress?

To remove yellow stains on the mattress, follow these instructions:

  1. Combine three tablespoons of baking soda, three percent hydrogen peroxide, and a little dishwashing liquid to form your cleaning solution.
  2.  Next, pour the cleaning solution on the yellow stain by pouring. Allow the solution to rest on the stained spot for thirty to forty minutes.
  3. When the time has elapsed, allow the solution to dry outside for one hour. Ensure the mattress dries completely before you return it to the bedroom.
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What Causes Mattress Discoloration?

Mattress discoloration can be caused by sunlight. Direct sunlight on the mattresses leads to fading and before you notice this, it begins to lose its original color. Mattresses can also change color after a long time of use. 

Water is another thing that discolors the mattress. When water continues to spill on a mattress, with time, it changes the color. When the dampness extends, mildew is likely to grow on it. The mattress  in turn changes color because of the mildew.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows? 

Your pillows should be replaced every one to two years. This is because of the comfort it provides each time you sleep. To get the expected support from your pillows, you need to change them as stipulated.

Replacement of pillows should not only be because of dust, stains, mites, bed bugs, and allergens. The motive behind replacing your pillows should be to avoid lack of sleep, neck pain, and other problems that show up when your pillows do not provide the needed comfort.

What Do Bed Bug Mattress Stains Look Like? 

Bed bug mattress stain is a warm red, black, or brown color. This color comes from the excrement of the bed bug or when the bed bug is squished on the mattress. This fecal matter of the bed bug causes discoloration on the mattress. Though the excrement comes out initially as a dot it continues to expand overtime..

The color is so deep that you cannot ignore it when you notice it. If left for some days, the stains can distribute to a bigger area. Do your utmost to spot clean the bed bug stains immediately you notice it so that it doesn’t become difficult to clean.

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